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We specialize in on and off leash obedience for the active dog owner who loves to include their dog in their daily lives.


Dog Training In Shoshone, Idaho

Amy working with Connor the German Shepherd, enjoying a nice chest scratch.

Dog Training In Shoshone, Idaho

Crash (Weimaraner) & Blackjack (Lab X Kelpie) on place on a camping trip. Enjoying some relaxing time.

Do you enjoy;

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Being Outdoors
  • Going to the lake
  • BBQ’s with friends

Or any other out door activity?

Do you wish you could bring your dog with out the hassle of them not listening?

We’ll get your dog listening on and off leash. They’ll learn good manners and all of their obedience such as; Walking nicely by your side with out pulling, coming when called, and even how to relax when needed.

You’ll be able to bring your dog along, give them the freedom of being off leash, and KNOW that they are going to stick around, come when you call them, and listen to you no matter what.

You’ll be able to enjoy yourself instead of hassling with a dog that doesn’t listen.

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I highly recommend Amy. She trained my dog in 10 minutes what I couldn’t do in 2 years. – Dawn

CONTACT US, we’d love to hear from you!

Phone: 208-308-5627

Email: talentedk9dogtraining@gmail.com (Best way to contact me, and fastest to respond to).

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am-7pm / Saturday & Sunday – Closed

We now have two locations! – Shoshone & Hansen

See how we’ve helped other people and their dogs;

Bella came to her first lesson a very hyper girl and a major puller! She got overly excited at every dog, cat, or person she’d see. Here you see her for her first time Off Leash! – The audio doesn’t match up to the video, she did everything when asked.

Magnus came to his first lesson very unfocused, and pulling Krista behind him. When he seen another dog, he yanked the leash right out of her hand! Here you see him learning not to bolt out doors, and walking with the leash dropped for the first time!


Here’s Roscoe in his very first lesson with us (His was free from our 2014 summer special), you can see him go from being a major puller and getting excited when other dogs start barking to being much calmer and more relaxed even by the same barking dogs.

Here’s Mick in his first lesson with us (His was free from our 2014 summer special), you can see him go from major pulling, and high excitement when seeing a cat to walking calmly by their side. Jean was unable to walk him before this lesson, and now she walks him by herself at home with out him pulling!

Anne-Patches-Heel Anne-Patches-Sit

“It was awesome to see someone who could make Patches do what they wanted her to do and her not fight so much. Really impressed with that and that’s what made the sale on training for us. She responded more with you than she ever did with Petsmart training classes and we went through a lot of them.” Anne


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