We Bring Relief to Families who are Struggling with their Dog



I highly recommend Amy. She trained my dog in 10 minutes what I couldn’t do in 2 years. – Dawn


Dog Training in Idaho

Do you struggle to get your dog to;

  • Stop Pulling
  • Come when called
  • Stop Jumping Up
  • Stop stealing food
  • Stop destroying the house
  • Calm down in the house
  • Stop Knocking over the kids

We understand the struggle! We’ve been there, and there is a better way to live with your dog. Whether you want a dog that is well mannered in the house or that listens when you are out enjoying the outdoors together, we can help! Tell us what you hope to get out of training with your dog and let’s get started!



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Phone: 208-308-5627

Email: talentedk9dogtraining@gmail.com

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am-7pm / Saturday & Sunday – Closed

We now have two locations! – Shoshone & Hansen

 Amy is a patient and creative trainer. She has been working with my two pit bulls for several months now. Instead of focusing solely on fixing their bad behaviors, she has taught me how to help my dogs succeed. They are still working on those bad behaviors, but my relationship with my dogs is so much richer because of the tools she’s given me. I worked with two trainers before Amy, and their focus was only on correcting the unwanted behavior. My relationships with my dogs suffered because they received correction after correction from me. It’s not until working with Amy that I’ve been able to foster positive interactions with my dogs that don’t end in me scolding them. I highly recommend Amy for anyone wishing to train a dog AND foster a respectful, loving relationship between dog and owner.


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