I remember when I was young and got my dog ‘Bo’. He was a yellow lab that was supposed to love Frisbee and was an overall good dog. We got him home and he was awful! Way too much dog for me to handle as a young child. He dragged me around on the leash, knocked me over, and worst of all…. didn’t play fetch OR Frisbee! He escaped out of his kennel and constantly ran off. One time he ran off for good.

A while later, my dog Turbo came. I raised her from a puppy and she was a pretty good dog and I even taught her to sit. I was the only one that could get her to do so and she was almost bigger than me!  She also had a problem with running off and not coming when called. Calling her to come back to me usually ended in her getting further and further away as she ran off into town. I lost her too when she ran off and never returned.

Then came Chassie, Allie, Daisy, and Judd. They each have their own stories and didn’t come all at once, but they all had some issues too. I struggled with Chassie on chasing the horses and attacking the other 3. I struggled with Allie on walks because she would embarrass me with her awful behavior when she seen another dog. She also wouldn’t come when called if she was distracted, no matter how many treats I had for her. Judd was extremely fearful when I first got him, and Daisy was… overall a pretty good dog. I knew a little about what I was doing when I got her and Judd.

I struggled a lot when I was growing up because I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to training dogs. I lost two awesome dogs, Bo & Turbo, because I didn’t know how to train them. I hated seeing my dog Chassie attacking my other 3 dogs and I was to the point of having to HIDE when walking my dog Allie when we seen another dog because she would embarrass me so much.

Point is, I’ve been where you are! Dog behavior isn’t easy to fix if you don’t have the knowledge or the tools to help you. Once I learned how to train dogs by reading books, watching videos, experimenting, going to a professional dog training school, and getting more hands on experience, I was able to fix all of those problems I was having.

My dogs didn’t get into anymore fights. I could walk all 4 of them at the same time with out them dragging me down the street, and I no longer had to hide because my dog Allie was no longer embarrassing me with bad behavior. Judd gained a bunch of confidence and was no longer afraid of everything. Chassie no longer chased our horses.

Training my dogs changed our lives for the better. They all started being able to go everywhere with me and we were able to enjoy our time together instead of living in chaos. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people stop struggling with their dogs and enjoy a better life together.

Now it’s your turn. I want to help you stop struggling with your dog so you can experience the relief that I and hundreds of other people have felt.

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