Private Dog Training Lessons in Shoshone, Idaho



Good Dog Program

Do you have a dog that just needs to learn a few things?

Has your dog ever dragged you on a walk, jumped on you, ran from you when you called them, or gotten food or objects off the ground that they shouldn’t have?

By the end of this program you’ll be able to easily walk your dog without tension on the leash, get your dog to stop jumping up, call your dog to you, and get your dog to leave things they shouldn’t have with one simple cue.

  • Includes 4 commands; Off, Heel, Come, and Leave It
  • Lifetime support



Well Mannered Dog Program

Have you ever been walking your dog and wish they would just STOP PULLING!?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your dog jumping on people when they walk in the door? Do you avoid inviting people over because of your dog’s behavior?

Do you ever wish your dog would just RELAX!?

By the end of our Well Mannered Dog Program you’ll be able to enjoy walks without pulling, walk through the door or have friends and family over with out being jumped all over, have your dog come to you when you call them, open the door with out your dog rushing in or out, and be able to get your dog to relax on cue. You’ll also be able to keep them safe from food or objects they find on the ground with our ‘Leave It’ Cue.

  • Includes 7 commands; Off, Leave It, Doors, Heel + Automatic Sit, Come, and Place
  • Training equipment included
  • Lifetime Support


Amy is wonderful. With her help my 2 corgis are now much easier to take on walks. They are also learning not to bolt out doors, stay in a set place and down stay. I highly recommend taking your dog or puppy to her. – Kara


Take Me Anywhere!

Dog Training at the Lake

This program is our most popular and will give you everything you need, to have a well mannered dog no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

By the end of our Take Me Anywhere program you’ll be able to get your dog to listen both on and off leash no matter what distractions are around. You’ll be able to easily walk your dog, get them to stop jumping up, Relax on cue, stop rushing out doors when you open them, and keep them safe from food and objects they shouldn’t have with our ‘Leave It’ Cue.

You’ll be able to enjoy off leash hikes, take your dog camping, fishing, or just enjoy a Barbeque with your friends with out your dog stealing food, begging, or causing trouble.

  • Includes 9 commands; Off, Leave It, Doors, Heel + Automatic Sit, Come, Place, Down, and Stay
  • On AND Off Leash Training
  • Training equipment included
  • Lifetime Support
  • Day Training (Optional, gets faster results)
  • Refresher Lessons
  • 2 days of Group Class
  • Problem Solving
  • Also includes our Remote Collar, Off Leash, Add on Program


Amy helped train ME so I could train my crazy Bella! She is awesome! The one on one with her and Bella was so fun and so helpful. Bella never leaves the yard, and taking her on hikes and camping is so enjoyable now! (She is still my crazy girl around people but improving every day!). Thanks Amy! Highly recommend her! – Carol


Remote Collar Off Leash Program

Does your dog listen great while on leash, but the second you take it off everything goes out the window? This program will transition your dog to being off leash with the help of a Remote Collar. Commands covered will be the ones your dog has already been taught.

This is an add on program. You can add it to any of the above programs or go through it once you’ve completed a group class.


  • Lifetime Support
  • Refresher Lessons as needed
  • Problem Solving such as; Digging, Barking…etc…
  • 2 Hours of Day Training


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