In Part 9 you read that I was hired at a new job. I started working at The Sawtooth Animal Center in Bellevue, Idaho. I Loved working there! I got to meet so many awesome dogs, so many different breeds, and so many great people!

During my time there, I ended up breaking up with the guy from Arkansas and decided to start my own business called Talented K9. I had thought of that name back when I was still really into teaching tricks so it made sense.

Since I was meeting a lot of people while working at the Sawtooth Animal Center, I got a lot of clients while I worked there. They let me clock out and do sessions with dogs while dogs were there if people wanted me to. I also did in home lessons after work with people who hired me.

I met so many great clients and enjoyed working with every one of them. I remember a Labrador Retriever named Dakota that would Jump fences, Jump out the car window, bolt out doors, and generally just cause a lot of trouble. She was super sweet and full of personality! I enjoyed working with them and teaching her that there were better ways to do things.

I remember an Australian Shepherd named Lava and helping them from the time she was just a puppy. We became like family and I always enjoyed our lessons together.

Me with Peggy, Jack, and their dog Lava!

There was Scout a Border Collie mix that came to my group classes. He was super smart and loved working for treats but it wasn’t getting the results they were wanting. We switched it up and got him listening, heeling, and even staying in a down outside of stores while we went inside.

Scout doing a down stay outside the post office

I remember a little mixed breed dog that was really fearful of people that came to doggy daycare. Her owner started bringing her to group classes then signed up for private lessons. We made a lot of progress with her and saw her confidence start to come out. She blossomed into a dog with such a fun, loving personality that was a joy to be around.

The list goes on! I worked with all different breeds during my time working there.

Other than training, I also got to enjoy my actual job and learning more about dog behavior and how they communicate between each other. I learned more about their body language, introducing dogs to each other, and so much more!

I enjoyed my time working there and am Thankful for everyone I met and everything that each and every one of them taught me!

This is also the time that Crash came into my life. I met another guy and he had always wanted a Weimaraner. His birthday was coming up and I seen a litter of Weimaraners listed in the classifieds of the newspaper. They only had one puppy left and that’s how Crash came about. Crash was a fun puppy to raise, full of personality and eager to learn new things. He ended up becoming my demonstration dog and attended almost all of my training lessons. He helped other dogs learn how to get along with other dogs and helped with distraction training too.

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