I got Allie as a little puppy. She was the cutest little thing! I was still in school and living with my parents at the time. It took a lot of convincing, but I talked my parents into letting me keep her. Now I had 2 dogs. Chassie & Allie. As you read in part 3, Allie got attacked by Chassie the first couple days she was home with us. Her face was marked up and bleeding, but she was okay. I was super upset.

After that they got along, and Allie was growing up outside just like Chassie. I desperately wanted to have the dogs inside the house. I hated not being able to bring them inside with me. Finally I talked my mom into letting Allie come in (because it was winter and she was cold). However, the deal was… She could ONLY be inside if and when I was Training her.

This meant, I spent most of my time training her a LOT! Allie is the one who started it all and the one I have to thank the most for who I am today. I bought as many books and videos as I could on training dogs. I read as much as I could on the internet about training too. I was really into tricks at the time, I always thought it was really cool that dogs could do tricks. I had a lot of books about that and was successful training many of the tricks in those books!

I had a video that taught me how to train obedience. It worked really well, but we didn’t enjoy it as much as tricks.

I got really into positive training and clicker training after a while. Once I started Clicker training, we had a lot more fun teaching new things and her list of stuff she knew skyrocketed! She knew over 40+ Tricks and around 14 or so Obedience commands. She could Roll herself in a blanket, Turn off my lights in my bedroom, and even put her toys away. She’d bring me things I dropped or things that were out of reach. I could teach her anything.

Allie went EVERYWHERE with me. Camping, Hiking, 4 Wheeling, Traveling, you name it! She even got to come to school with me 3 times. Once for a speech I gave about training dogs, once for Drama Class, and again for a Talent Show.

Allie even went with me when I went to my Professional Dog Training school after I graduated. That’s where I learned more techniques on training dogs. I thought Allie was super well behaved, but she did have some issues such as;

  • She would bark, growl, pull on the leash, and lunge at every dog we would see out on a walk. It was very embarrassing! I would hide behind cars, and even trees while we were out walking.
  • She would pull on the leash in general. Treats and the clicker only worked to get her to stop pulling if we weren’t on an actual walk.
  • She would run off and not come when called. Especially if there was a rabbit. She could care less about treats if she wasn’t in the ‘mood’.

Now I went to this Dog Training school, and at the time I was still REALLY into clicker training. I was very against Prong collars and I had tried remote collars in the past on my dog Turbo and it never worked. The school taught me the right way to use these tools but I still had a hard time using them. I would never put those on Allie….

One day, I was tired of Allie pulling on the leash and not listening. I didn’t want anyone to see me put a prong collar on my dog so when we were at home and nobody was home I did it. I put the prong collar on Allie. I hooked the leash to it and it was like night and day. The prong collar allowed me to be so gentle with her and communicate exactly what I wanted (way better than what she was going through on her regular buckle collar). She was no longer pulling on the leash with just a few minutes of proper training. I could take her on an ACTUAL walk with out her pulling in every which way completely ignoring the treats I would try to offer her when she did the right thing.

Now, she was no longer pulling on the leash, and amazingly… we could also walk past other dogs with out the embarrassing barking, growling, lunging, out of control dog scenario!

Now I could also work with her on coming when called. Now I had a way to tell her that ignoring me was not okay. Once she got good at it with a long line and the prong collar, I was able to switch to the E-collar (which I now knew how to use properly and now I know why it never worked on my dog Turbo!). After training her what the stimulation meant on leash, she was FINALLY able to be off leash! I could Finally trust her to come when I called her!

Amazing! It was the best gift I could have possibly given her! Freedom from the leash!

Implementing the new training techniques I had learned at school, gave me the perfect dream dog.

When I got home from my Professional Dog Training School, I started implementing everything I had learned with all 3 of my dogs I had left at home. (I could only bring 1 with me).

Guess what, No more attacks! My dogs all got along after implementing what I had learned.

Allie lived to the old age of 15 years! I still miss her a lot <3

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