Doberman Pinscher aka Dobermann

Thanks for following along so far! You’ve met all my dogs up until now, and now it’s time for Professional Dog Training School! I found Triple Crown Dog Academy, now known as Starmark Academy since they changed their name, back when I was still in High School. I stumbled upon it one day while I was looking online at dog training stuff.

I had no idea Professional Dog Training schools even existed so I was really excited when I found it! I emailed them and got sent a packet of information about the school. I talked to my parents and we scheduled a trip to Texas to go check the school out. It was Awesome! I loved everything about it and couldn’t wait to graduate so I could attend!

I sent in an application to be approved to go to school there and was extremely happy when I was accepted! In 2004 I went to live in Texas and attend Dog Training School. I lived on campus with 2 other roommates. I made some great friends while I was there.

We learned all about how dogs learn, different techniques, business stuff, and attended Seminars and shows on the weekends since the school hosted them. We got a ton of hands on experience with obedience, behavior problems, group classes, tracking, service dog training, agility, and much more!

We were all assigned a couple of Rescue dogs to train and through out the course we would be assigned new dogs or be switched with other dogs so we could learn how to adjust easily to the dog we were training.

I started out with a German Shepherd who was extremely hyper and an Australian Cattle Dog who was pretty calm and really sweet. The first time I went to get Sheeba (The German Shepherd) out of her kennel, I missed and she shot past me running up and down the kennels as I tried to catch her and everybody watched.

Once I caught her I took her out to get to know her and instantly started implementing the training I already knew. I clicked and rewarded her for attention and walking next to me or checking in. I worked on her name and coming when called. We went on a nice walk together working on these things. Then I repeated the process with the Australian Cattle Dog.

I worked with both of them for a while, then the Australian Cattle Dog was switched to another person and I got a Doberman named Katie. I fell in love with her and wanted to adopt and take her home with me so bad. She was awesome and I really enjoyed working with her. I took her to the beach play area a lot and worked with her off leash quite a bit.

She was doing really well and another girl going to school there had another Doberman she was having trouble with. So our dogs got switched. Toby was a lot of dog. He had a hard time listening around other dogs, would get overly excited and not listen. When walking through the kennel area he would bark angrily and lunge at the other dogs. If you tried to stop him, he would try to bite you. He bit me in the knee pretty hard once.

He taught me a lot about the other techniques of training and how they worked. He ended up being a really good dog and I came to really like him too. I had him till the end of school. Sheeba ended up being switched to another person.

We also worked with a lot of the board and train dogs that were there to get even more hands on experience.

I learned a lot while going to school there and had to step outside of my comfort zones and open my mind to more training techniques and tools to train with.

After 4 months of lots of hands on experience, classroom time, seminars, shows, and new friends, school was over and it was time to go home. It was a sad good bye.

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*Picture used is not one of the actual Dobermans I worked with since I can’t find the pictures I had from school. Credit goes to;

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