Jump Start Day Training

Are you wanting a nice jump start to your dog’s training? Want to skip all of the boring, repetitive steps to training your dog and get right to the ‘Trained Dog’ part? This is the program for you! Select 1 or 2 hours of training and drop your dog off with me to do the training for you. You are welcome to stay and watch your dog be trained or leave them with me while you go do some other errands.

When you come to pick up your dog, I’ll do a 30 minute session with you and your dog so you know how to get your dog to listen to you too. Once you’re home, I’ll be available through phone or email if any problems or questions should come up. It will be up to you to maintain what I’ve taught your dog so your dog continues to listen to you.

If you feel your dog needs more training with me or you would like more practice with your dog, you can schedule another drop off session or a 1 hour refresher lesson with you and your dog.

1 Hour – 4 Commands; Heel, Come, Place, and Off – $75.00

2 Hours – 8 Commands; Heel, Come, Place, Off, Leave It, Sit, Down, and Stay – $125.00

1 Hour – Refresher lesson with you and your dog – $55.00

Training equipment is not included, you’ll be required to have it ready when you drop off your dog. Fill out the form below to schedule and I’ll send you what Training equipment you’ll need to bring.

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