The Ultimate Dog Training Experience

Now accepting people to start in May


Dog Training at the Lake

We’ve put together this program to give you the best possible dog training experience we could think of. You’ll see results fast with our proven techniques that have worked on hundreds of dogs over the years. Since our lessons are unlimited, you won’t have to worry about running out before your training expectations have been met. You’ll get plenty of one on one time with me and your dog so we can meet your specific training needs. You’ll also be able to come to as many group classes as you want for extra distraction training so your dog will listen even when they are excited. It’s like an all inclusive resort! We’ve got everything you need to be successful.

At the end of this program you’ll enjoy a dog who will listen no matter what and have a dog you can take anywhere while knowing they will be well behaved!

Camping, Hiking, and spending time with friends and family will be even easier when your dog is well behaved and listening.

You’ll enjoy;

  • Unlimited commands! We include 9 with the option of adding more as you want!
  • Unlimited Private Lessons! Come as often as you want!
  • Unlimited Group Classes for extra distraction training! Come as often as you want!
  • Unlimited Boredom Buster Classes for extra fun things to do with your dog! Come as often as you want!
  • Top of the line Training Equipment
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for extra feedback, help, and live Questions and Answers
  • Lifetime support!
  • Off leash Freedom – Be able to trust your dog off leash!
  • Problem solving for any specific problems you’re having (No major aggression cases)

Included commands;

  1. (Off) Stops Jumping Up, on you, guests, counters, and furniture
  2. (Heel + Automatic Sit) Stops pulling on the leash and gets your dog to sit when you stop on a walk
  3. (Come) Gets your dog to come to you when you call them no matter what
  4. (Leave It) Stops your dog from stealing food and objects
  5. (Doors) Stops your dog from rushing or bolting out doors
  6. (Sit) Your dog will sit on cue
  7. (Place) Gets your dog to relax on cue
  8. (Down) Your dog will lay down on cue
  9. (Stay) Your dog will Stay in a certain spot until you release them

Every other Friday (Weather permitting) we will head to the lake to enjoy an off leash hike (for dogs ready to be off leash) and we’ll end the hike with letting the dogs splash in the lake. During our hike we’ll work on getting your dog to come when called and to listen around more distractions.

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Amy helped train ME so I could train my crazy Bella! She is awesome! The one on one with her and Bella was so fun and so helpful. Bella never leaves the yard, and taking her on hikes and camping is so enjoyable now! (She is still my crazy girl around people but improving every day!). Thanks Amy! Highly recommend her! – Carol


Amy is wonderful. With her help my 2 corgis are now much easier to take on walks. They are also learning not to bolt out doors, stay in a set place and down stay. I highly recommend taking your dog or puppy to her. – Kara