Effective Dog Training that will last your dogs’ lifetime.

Chassie, Crash, Roscoe, Judd, Allie, & Daisy in an Off Leash Down Stay

Chassie, Crash, Roscoe, Judd, Allie, & Daisy in an Off Leash Down Stay


Take Me Anywhere!

This program is great for those of you who want to put in the time and training yourselves while I guide you through the process and help you achieve the level of training you want.

Our Take Me Anywhere Program will give you 100% Confidence that your dog will listen to you no matter what you’re doing together. You’ll be able to take them camping, fishing, hiking, or anywhere else you enjoy to go. They’ll come when called, stay close to you, walk with out pulling, and stay where you tell them to so they are out of the way. You’ll be able to let them off leash where appropriate and know they will still listen.

Your dog will;

  • Listen to you on AND off leash, even around distractions
  • Will heel by your side on command or stay with in close range when walking in places they don’t need to be in heel
  • Come running to you when called
  • Stay on a Place (Bed, Blanket, Towel, Rug, or another object)
  • Sit, Lay Down, and Stay
  • Will wait for an okay before exiting the house or car

Program Includes;

  • 9 Commands; Come, Heel, Place, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Doors, and Break
  • 8 1 hour Lessons
  • Training Equipment; Prong Collar, 20 ft cotton training leash, Remote Collar, and a Place Bed
  • Able to attend 2 1 hour group classes for further distraction training
  • Phone and Email Support any time you have questions or need help
  • On leash training
  • Remote Collar training for off leash control
  • Problem Solving for any problems you’re having at home.


*The deposit comes out of the total

1 Dog – $875.00 – $300.00 deposit

2 Dogs – $1425.00 – $400.00 deposit

3 Dogs – $1925.00 – $500.00 deposit

Amy helped train ME so I could train my crazy Bella! She is awesome! The one on one with her and Bella was so fun and so helpful. Bella never leaves the yard, and taking her on hikes and camping is so enjoyable now! (She is still my crazy girl around people but improving every day!). Thanks Amy! Highly recommend her! – Carol

Off Leash Remote Collar Training

Does your dog already know the basics? Want to get them listening reliably off leash? This program is for you!

We use low level stimulation (The lowest level your dog can feel) to teach obedience and reliability off leash. This program is great for those of you who love having your dog off leash and taking them places where they don’t have to be on a leash. This program will give you and your dog a special connection and you’ll feel like a real team.

Your dog will;

  • Want to be around you more and won’t wander too far away
  • Heel when asked & sit Automatically when you stop
  • Come when you call them
  • Go to and stay on a bed or object when you tell them ‘Place’
  • Lay down and stay when you say ‘Down’

Program includes;

  • 6 Commands; Come, Heel, Sit, Down-Stay, Place, and Break!
  • 6 1 Hour Lessons
  • Training Equipment; Prong Collar, 20 ft cotton training leash, Remote Collar, and a Place Bed
  • Phone and Email Support any time you have questions or need help


*The deposit comes out of the total

1 Dog – $675.00 – $300.00 deposit

2 Dogs – $1075.00 – $400.00 deposit

3 Dogs – $1475.00 – $500.00 deposit


I have limited space available for our Private lessons, here’s what is currently available;

Hansen Location; 1/2 – 1 spot available

Shoshone Location; 4/7 – 3 Spots available



How many lessons do I get?;

  • 8 Lessons

How Long will Training Take?

  • We’ll meet once a week for 8 weeks, for 1 hour. Then you’ll need to work on what I teach you at home with your dog. If you put in the time and work with your dog, you’ll see results pretty fast.

How Often do we meet?

  • We would meet once a week in Shoshone for about an hour.

How long before I can start seeing results?

  • You’ll start seeing results right away, usually in your first lesson!

Will it work for my dog?

  • Yes! I’ve trained hundreds of dogs over the years and we have seen our training methods work again and again. We’ve heard several clients use words such as “Amazing”, “It’s a miracle”, and “You’re like a dog whisperer”. I think you’ll be surprised at what I can do with your dog.

Does my dog need training?

  • All dogs need training whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer. You send your kids to school to learn and become a good member of society. Dogs need the same thing. It’s not about obedience, it’s about good manners and knowing how to live in our world while making good, appropriate choices.

My dog is unique / has a unique situation, can you solve my problems?

  • I am what they call a ‘Balanced Trainer’ with all sorts of tricks up my sleeve. More than likely I’ll have a solution for your problem. Simply contact me and let me know what’s going on and I’ll be able to tell you if I can help or not.

 Why do you train dogs to be off leash? What about leash laws?

  • A dog who listens off leash is extremely important because accidents can and do happen. Your dog could bolt out a door, slip out of their collar, you could drop the leash…etc… You want to be sure your dog will listen in any of these situations.
  • You will need to follow leash laws.
  • Having a dog that will listen off leash will open up so many more possibilities for you and your dog. Dog’s need off leash freedom to really get the most out of their life. It also comes in handy for camping, fishing, hiking, going to the lake, swimming, the beach…etc… Not only does it free your dog, but it frees YOU! You don’t want to be holding onto the leash the whole time do you?
  • You’ll be able to take your dog to places like the dog park and still have them listen.
  • As you can see… there are many reasons to teach your dog how to listen when off leash.
Training Jack at a Store in Shoshone

Blackjack in a down stay outside of a store in Shoshone


Contact me! Tell me about your dog and what you hope to get out of training.

Amy is wonderful. With her help my 2 corgis are now much easier to take on walks. They are also learning not to bolt out doors, stay in a set place and down stay. I highly recommend taking your dog or puppy to her. – Kara



Our Current Private Lesson Clients & Continuing clients from 2016


Heather and Brian brought their 3 dogs to me so they can have the life they want with their dogs with more control. All three were major pullers, don’t listen, and Tony is a little too mouthy for their liking. In their first lesson we took control of their walk, no more pulling! We look forward to many more lessons with these guys to help them reach their goals. Check out their before and after videos for lesson #1


Mark brought Trixie to me because she was a major puller when out walking and wants her to listen better when he takes her out. In their very first lesson with us we were able to stop the pulling. She’ll be off leash trained in no time!

Kari & Joe brought their dog Trigger to me to help him listen better and to get him to stop barking at everybody he sees. We’re making great progress on the obedience and are currently working on getting a more appropriate response when he sees people.

Clients of 2016

Lynette originally joined our Puppy Class, but she wants to do so much more with her puppy, Jack! She wants him off leash trained and to do some dog sports with him. Jack also has an issue with Resource Guarding. Jack is doing great on his obedience and we’re working on getting a better response around his food too.

Susan and Sadie

Susan originally signed her Golden Retriever, Sadie, up for our Confidence Building Classes. She was so happy with what she seen in her first class that she decided to sign up for private lessons too. Sadie has come a Long ways in such a short amount of time! She is afraid of just about everything and is now starting to look happy, calm, and relaxed. So great to see! Still a long ways to go though.