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Anne & Patches

It was awesome to see someone who could make Patches do what they wanted her to do and her not fight so much. Really impressed with that and that’s what made the sale on training for us. She responded more with you than she ever did with Petsmart training classes and we went through a lot of them.”


Laura & Nick

Megan & Maximus (Max)


When we got Max he was 8 wks old and I was 6 months pregnant. We started Max in Talented K9 after I had my son. He was just to much to handle with a brand new baby! After the first class I noticed a huge difference, for once after going for a walk I did not have a sore arm. I am now able to walk my 9 month old dog with my son in his stroller without a worry. Max also knows when my son is in the room he is to stop what he is doing and lay down in a specific spot in the room. Max has changed into the perfect dream dog that everyone wants. He knows sit, stay, come, place, kennel, and retrieve. I tell everyone I come across that Talented K9 is one of the best places to take your pup. Amy works with you one on one and answers any questions you have. I cant help but tell everyone about Talented K9, Thank you for everything!

Niki & Tank


I am a Special Education teacher, and I got Tank as a therapy dog for my classroom. He was alright, but had to spend a lot of time in his kennel in the classroom because he wasn’t obedient enough. When I would take him on walks, he would always pull on the leash, and he had even gone after and attacked other dogs. After our first lesson, I saw HUGE improvement. Tank wasn’t pulling on the leash anymore, and was learning how to ignore other dogs and rely on my guidance. By the end of the summer, Tank was walking off leash with other dogs, something I never thought I’d see.

At school, I am able to tell Tank, “place,” and he will go to his bed. He lays at my feet when I am teaching, and he is more calm around the students. I am constantly talking about TalentedK9 to all my coworkers and family. Thank you so much!

Krista & Magnus


Before we got training, for our 120 pound Great Dane mix, walks were impossible and taking him to the vet was a nightmare. We had no control over him and he would drag us everywhere. We simply could not take him anywhere with us. He was out of control. Since we started taking him to Amy, our lives have completely changed! Even from the first lesson, I couldn’t believe the improvement he made. Walking him is now fun and something we look forward to everyday. He obeys us, follows commands on the first try; he is such a good puppy now. We take him everywhere now! Training was so great for us. We brag about how amazing our training and trainer is to everyone we met. We will take all of our future dogs to Talented K9! We cannot express how happy we are with our dog now.

Jean, Ron, & Mick


Our dog, Mick, had his first lesson today with Amy Hiscocks of Talented K9. I thought walking without Mick pulling my arm off was impossible. We made so much progress in just one session. I am excited to be working with Amy, and helping my dog reach his potential. I strongly recommend Talented K9 and Amy Hiscocks. I was totally blown away.

Jeanne & Scout


Are you happy with the training you and Scout got?:
Yes, we are happy and pleased with the training. I will recommend Amy to those who ask how we get Scout to behave well and listen to what we ask of him. Overall, Scout has become more reliable, trustworthy and happy. We are still working on getting completely off the leash, right now we keep the 6 ft leash on for walking him where he is loose with the rope hanging and on the command “go play”. He will walk beside me for “right here” with the 6 ft lease attached and hanging. As the weather has warmed up with more and more people, bikes, and dogs out and about, and small wild animals popping up all over we are working on “leave it” and “wait”.

Are you happy with the training methods used in training?:
Yes. It was a bit of a challenge to sell the idea to the whole family, but once they started seeing the actual results they were more supportive. It takes a bit of a mind shift to go from a completely positive reward system full of treats and praise, to one of a corrective nature combined with praise. The treat system was working for our dog until he outsmarted us—and then would produce results based on if you had treats or not. We still use treats and praise a lot, but not usually in combination with the core commands we have established with the new training.

Was Amy informative and able to get the information to you clearly?:
Yes. The information on paper is very helpful, because then you can go back over it if something arises during a period of working with your dog that you’re not sure of.

Was Amy helpful and able to get the results you were wanting?
Yes. I like the way Amy will tell you if you need to change your response or do something a different way when she observes you with your dog. This is good because you may not even be aware of your actions, responses or corrections.

Is there anything you wish could have been done differently, and if so what is it?:
Maybe have gotten the whole family to understand the process sooner. Maybe if we’d all sat down intentionally and layed out what the changes were going to be and how they would seem very different, but that we would be able to see results that would be positive and what we wanted.

Your thoughts on the overall training process:
I think watching Amy interact with her own animals, and others animals at her workplace is inspiring. So, I think it helps to see the training modeled so that you can do the same with your own animal and see the results almost immediately. It is helpful to see Amy’s style of interacting with animals because her nature and overall calm manner has the dog’s respect. I can sense that our dog would do anything she asked him to do. Maybe it is in the nature of Scout’s breed mix to please and have his people be happy with him, so I think he learns quickly and is happier when there are clear boundaries of what we want from him when we ask it. I think this training process sets clear boundaries that he can then be himself within the limits. Thank you.

Jack, Peggy, and their Aussie ‘Lava’


Are you happy with the training you and your dog got?: Yes!
Are you happy with the training methods used in training?: Yes!
Was Amy Informative and able to get the information to you clearly? Yes!
Was Amy helpful and able to get the results you were wanting?: Yes!
Is there anything you wish could have been done differently, and if so what is it?: Just more training, but Winter set in.
Your thoughts on the overal training process: Really good with blue collar & long leash to work on “Come & Stay”.

Lava, our Aussie puppy, is a high energy handful! Amy, with her firm but loving training methods was just what she (and us) needed. Learning the basic commands and how to communicate with her added so much to our relationship. The added plus is Amy is now a family friend – Ours & Lava’s –

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